By agreeing to online lessons, you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge the following safeguarding measures:

  1. Lessons will take place via the Zoom app (or via FaceTime at the teachers discretion). An email address must be provided by the parent/guardian or (if applicable) student for the teacher to contact them on. Teachers will call students at their timetabled lesson time or allocate a scheduled meeting for the students to join. Students are not to call teachers.
  2. Both parties agree that lessons will NOT be recorded to protect the student and teacher from online distribution
  3. Lessons must take place in a neutral location such as a kitchen, living room or office and NOT in the students’ / teachers bedroom
  4. All lessons MUST take place on a secure wifi connection to ensure the child and teacher are protected from hacking and that they have privacy
  5. Lessons will remain at the timetabled times unless rescheduled with the teacher at a convenient time
  6. All missed/cancelled digital lessons will still be invoiced for in full
  7. If you are unwell, please let us know so we can reschedule your lessons for another day. We do not expect children who are suffering with symptoms of the virus to take part in lessons until they feel better.
  8. Where possible, a parent or guardian must be present in the premises, although not necessarily in the same room of the students’ location if they are under 16